Steve Sharp joins Straightup

We’re excited to welcome Steve Sharp to the Straightup clinic. He practices shiatsu as well as acupuncture and herbal medicine, and has dedicated himself to further training so that he has a full complement of therapies to restore you to health.

acupuncture prevents migraines

Acupuncture has been shown to prevent migraines. A recent Cochrane review of the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment at preventing migraines found that the evidence suggests that a course of treatments can be a valuable option for people with migraines, and that it may be at least as effective as prophylactic drugs at preventing migraines. Cochrane […]

cupping and guasha workshop

  Learn how to keep your friends and yourself healthy with cupping and guasha. Next Monday, January 23, I’ll be down at the Work-Shop in Fitzroy giving a introduction to these Chinese Medicine therapies. It’s folk medicine folks, everyone can do it. Book a place at Work-Shop

mandarin peel chicken

I cooked mandarin peel chicken this week, so now I have an excuse to talk about mandarin peel, 陈皮 chen pi, as a medicinal. It improves digestion and stops metabolic activity from getting stuck. It also relieves some of the consequences of poor digestion, such as dampness, which is a state of things being wetter […]

thunderstorm asthma

It was a bad week for asthma sufferers in Melbourne, and also for some that were susceptible to airborne allergens but who had never had an asthma attack before. A heads up to hayfever sufferers: if you’re allergic to pollen enough of it could potentially cause an asthma attack. Studies have shown that Chinese medicine […]