recurrent UTI treatment

Conventional UTI treatment with antibiotics does not always work. The symptoms of infection often recur as the causative bacteria is not completely eliminated, and a residual infection generates outbreaks when the immune system fails to keep it controlled. This can happen with stress, fatigue, or after another infection such as a cold or gastrointestinal contamination. […]


Even though acupuncturists use effective physical therapies, physiotherapy can be a helpful adjunct to our treatments. Physiotherapy is a shortening of the term physical therapy. So in many parts of the world physical therapy is still the term for what physiotherapists do, and its practitioners are known as physical therapists. Histories of physiotherapy point to […]

top athletes get acupuncture

Top athletes get acupuncture¬† to boost sports performance and improve recovery. For example, the 2014 Tour de France winner, Vincenzo Nibali had acupuncture before and after each day’s racing, as did the rest of his Astana team. There is an interview with the acupuncturist here. As well as helping the athletes with their performance and […]

gua sha

What is gua sha? Everyone is getting to know acupuncture is a tool of Chinese medicine, more people are aware of cupping, and some are now getting curious about gua sha or scraping. Like cupping, scraping seems downright medieval to some, but it is part of self-help medicine in many countries and there is emerging […]

plantar fasciitis

Heel pain is often from plantar fasciitis, a reactive condition of the tendons in the sole of the foot. This is characteristically most painful with the first few steps after getting out of bed, or after prolonged rest, and the pain reduces after walking around a bit. Pulling the toes up towards the top side […]