betterness acupuncture & herbs

There’s a new name for my Perth acupuncture clinic: Betterness acupuncture & herbs. Someone has already coined the word, but if they hadn’t, I would have. I think it captures the idea that while good health and wellbeing can be the goal, the process of getting there is important. To be well we must first […]

journey to the west

Go west! Straightup Chinese Medicine will take a brief hiatus before journeying to the west. Not to retrieve buddhist scriptures, but to take the wisdom of the East into the sunset. Our brief, “Pragmatic Perth Acupuncture”. We will bring you news of our new practice soon.

japanese fish head soup

It’s not all about long-cooked broths. While broths develop deep nutritional qualities from extended cooking, simple stocks are still nutritious. In the Chinese Medicine picture, anything edible made from bones is going to nourish bones, and the Qi of the Kidney organ-meridian system that is associated with them. One day I’ll write the “What is […]

recurrent UTI treatment

Conventional UTI treatment with antibiotics does not always work. The symptoms of infection often recur as the causative bacteria is not completely eliminated, and a residual infection generates outbreaks when the immune system fails to keep it controlled. This can happen with stress, fatigue, or after another infection such as a cold or gastrointestinal contamination. […]


Even though acupuncturists use effective physical therapies, physiotherapy can be a helpful adjunct to our treatments. Physiotherapy is a shortening of the term physical therapy. So in many parts of the world physical therapy is still the term for what physiotherapists do, and its practitioners are known as physical therapists. Histories of physiotherapy point to […]