recurrent UTI treatment

Conventional UTI treatment with antibiotics does not always work. The symptoms of infection often recur as the causative bacteria is not completely eliminated, and a residual infection generates outbreaks when the immune system fails to keep it controlled. This can happen with stress, fatigue, or after another infection such as a cold or gastrointestinal contamination. And the immune system is heavily taxed by the continual residual infection.

Unfortunately, with repeated antibiotic treatment bacteria may become resistant, so different and stronger antibiotics are needed to alleviate the symptoms. This can have consequences to general health, as amongst other things, there are many problems associated with the damage to gut microflora from antibiotic use.
A colleague was shown this article by a client he treated for her recurrent UTI. In it a woman named Jill shares how her UTI treatment with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture freed her from a spiral of increasingly frequent infection outbreaks, antibiotic treatment that was becoming less effective, and other health issues that developed from the antibiotic use.

Jill mentions that Chinese Medicine is not regulated in the UK, so it is best to check if a practitioner is properly qualified. This is not the case in Australia. Chinese Medicine is regulated, so you can be confident that a registered practitioner is qualified.